Tuesday, January 4, 2011


SOLOMON 2010/11 UMA II Womens Winter Hiking/Casual Boot  Around $150.00
I LOVE these boots! I was looking for some new rain boots because my BOGGS were starting to feel like blocks around my feet when I came across(pun intended)these ultra light beauty's. If you live in cold,crappy weather you need to get a pair of these-totally waterproof,Thinselate lined crazy wet suit material,sneaky stylie&as I said before,light as a feather. You will want to go on a secret mission&now you can look foxy doing it! 
UPDATE:Total bummer,these things have imploded not even through their 1st season! They started leaking&the zipper broke...granted I do live in Maine&this winter was a shitshow but COME ON?!?

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